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NORA (proper noun) daughter, sister, friend, wife, mom, dog groomer.

Can be recognized by the continuous presence of the following attributes:

  • Sarcastic optimism

  • Sneezing/runny nose/itchy eyes (allergies, not COVID, just to be clear)

  • Stifled eyerolls

  • Small stalkers who look curiously like me

  • Disorganized chaos at home

  • Spastically organized at work

New challenge: work from home.

This could be a real cluster F~©K.

With Coronavirus having spanked every industry into a total panicked frenzy, I seem to have found unwitting success. With the many, many requests I've had for dog grooming during quarantine I've decided to recklessly risk the sanity and stability of my family to work from home.

My sexy, handy husband built me a room in our basement complete with grooming tables, tub, dryers and all the accoutrements of a standard pet salon.

It cost me a small fortune to set up, purchase all my preferred products, stalk tables and tubs on FB and Craigslist (how is Craigslist still a thing?)

It's all set! Painted with leftover paint, I can't believe I actually bought and decorated it with cutouts from dog mags and calendars I’ve saved over the years. It looks amazing. Sadly, no one will see it. Thankfully, no one will see the floor! Which is peeling forest green paint and looks terrible. But honestly, who gives a damn

So, what's the protocol here? Anyone? I feel like I should have a theme or mission statement. Some sort of goal or insight to work towards in these blog posts. The best I can come up with is this… I want to grow as a business owner, parent & partner. My grooming skills are where they need to be. I don't aspire to be a show groomer. Hard pass. But can I sustain a decent business and contribute to my family while offering my neighborhood affordable, reliable care for their pets? I feel like I can. So I guess that's my journey (for lack of another cliche) in these words. Finding a balance in life; work, marriage, & parenting. I'm never going to be a "super" at any of it. But I'm hopeful I can make it work for the betterment of family, community and bank account.

Now, back to the grind. Gotta get a few dogs in to test my set-up before I open for good!

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